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Don't miss our next Slab Sale Date!

Danbury Fish Farms offers a convenient "slab sales" service once per month for easy fish pickup. Simply place your order and pick up your fish on the designated date. Our fish are carefully packaged in Live-Pak boxes, a packing method we've developed for optimal survivability. We'll provide full instructions on how to release your fish at home for best results. Keep an eye out for our next slab sale date below.

2023 Fish Pickup Dates

To place an order for one of the dates above, please select a date that works best for you and give us a call at (979) 922-8414 to order your fish and schedule your pickup date and time.  Please read our Slab Sale Terms and Conditions for more details.

fish pickup at danbury fish farms

Frequently asked questions

We offer the following species at our slab sales:

  • Channel Catfish (4-6″)
  • Largemouth Bass (4-5″)
  • Coppernose Bluegill (2.5-3.5″, 3.5-4.5″, 4.5-5.5″)
  • Fathead Minnows (per thousand)
  • Triploid Grass Carp (12-14″, permit required)

The following products can be ordered and picked up during our slab sale events:

  • Texas Hunter Products Directional Fish Feeders
  • Rangen High Protein Fish Food
  • Subsurface Aeration Systems
  • Pond Dye
  • Miscellaneous pond supplies

If you are interested in purchasing product, please let us know at the time of your order so we can insure stock is available.

For a rough estimate of what you should consider stocking, you can use our Pond Configurator.  This is a tool we created for ponds smaller than 1 acre in size.  Please find the Pond Configurator tool here.

Terms and conditions

  1. Orders: All orders for fish are final and cannot be cancelled after our order cut-off date, which is Wednesday at 5 PM of the week PRIOR to the Slab Sale Date (i.e. 10 days before the slab sale).

  2. Slab Sale Changes and Deliveries: In the event of Acts of God or special situations, such as flooding, the Slab Sale date may be delayed or moved up. Customers will be notified in advance. If a customer cannot pick up their fish due to a change made by Danbury Fish Farms, arrangements for delivery will be made.

  3. Refunds: If Danbury Fish Farms is unable to fulfill an order, the customer is entitled to a refund for the unfulfilled fish.

  4. Substitution of Fish: If Danbury Fish Farms is out of stock of a particular size of fish, the customer may choose to make a size substitution, wait for the fish to become available, or receive a refund.

  5. Live-Pak Boxes: Danbury Fish Farms does not re-use or repackage in previously used live-pak boxes or bags.

  6. Fish Guarantee: Danbury Fish Farms guarantees the health and disease-free status of the fish at pick-up. However, we do not guarantee the fish after they leave our premise and there are no refunds or replacements. If customers require a guarantee of live and healthy fish, they may choose to have them delivered, as we have 100% control over handling and back our deliveries with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.