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Kenny Zwahr with 12 pound bass
Beautiful pond in the hill country of Texas

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When you choose Danbury Fish Farms, you're teaming up with a partner who puts our clients first, supporting you and your goals. We're not just about selling products and services – we're all about building a long-term relationship with you - our client! With empathy and rock-solid dedication as our "true north", we hold true to Our Values and we're here to work with you to turn your dreams into enduring success!

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Kenny laid out a plan of action for my pond to be aesthetic and functional for our needs. He came and cleaned out all of the unwanted vegatation and catfish. He restocked it with some coppernose bluegill and fathead minnows. Added an aeration system as well to keep the water oxygenated. So far the pond has turned out well. It is still in the process of fine tuning everything but I'm very happy with the results.

Very helpful!

Easy to deal with. Healthy Tilapia for my pond. Hope they are hungry and take care of my algae problem.

Very friendly service and knowledgeable!!!

My source when I need to stock

Good selection to stock ponds... Friendly and honest staff.

Helpful staff and very efficient in getting the job done.