About Us

Aerial view of Danbury Fish Farms

Our Origins

For over 50 years, Danbury Fish Farms has been a trusted name in Texas, providing healthy fish to stock ponds, lakes, and reservoirs across the state. Our story began in the 1960s when World War II veteran Clarence Zwahr, a man with a passion for the land, recognized a changing market and an opportunity. Together with his son Kenny, a skilled aquaculturist, they transformed their rice fields into thriving fish ponds, setting the foundation for our future.

Under Kenny’s leadership, Danbury Fish Farms grew from its humble beginnings as the “Lazy CZ Reservoir Fishing Club” to become the largest hatchery in Texas by the 1980s. Today, we proudly continue Clarence’s legacy of hard work and integrity as a family-owned and operated business, committed to delivering quality fish and exceptional service.

Whether you’re looking to stock your pond with the perfect fish or seeking expert advice on pond management, Danbury Fish Farms is here to help. Explore our diverse selection of fish, products, and services, and discover the secrets to creating a thriving pond ecosystem. Experience the Danbury Fish Farms difference and let us help you make your pond dreams a reality.

Clarence Zwahr (1952)
Kenny Zwahr, Founder of Danbury Fish Farms (1972)
Kenny Zwahr and his brother Brent Zwahr in 1973, when Danbury Fish Farms was a day fishing operation
Kenny Zwahr put his knowledge and passion to use and built Danbury Fish Farms

Our Values

At Danbury Fish Farms, our core values have guided us since the beginning and will continue to do so:
  • We build lasting relationships with our customers, earning their trust and loyalty.
  • We listen attentively to understand your unique needs and provide personalized solutions.
  • Your success is our success. We go the extra mile to help you not just succeed, but thrive.
  • Drawing from our extensive experience, we develop innovative strategies to deliver lasting value to your pond or lake.
  • With our deep knowledge of aquaculture, we anticipate challenges and provide proactive solutions to ensure your pond's long-term health.
  • We approach every day with gratitude, positivity, and dedication, treating you with fairness and respect.
  • As industry leaders, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and delivering exceptional service.
Owner Kenny Zwahr with a happy consulting client
Lady holding a largemouth bass
Man holding largemouth bass
Owner Kenny Zwahr consulting with a client about vegetation