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Fish Delivery Done Right

Danbury Fish Farms provides high-quality fish delivery services for lakes and ponds, offering popular species like catfish, largemouth bass, and tilapia, as well as forage species such as fathead minnows and threadfin shad. Our expertly raised fish are carefully monitored from hatching to release to ensure their health and well-being. We provide fast and reliable fish delivery services, whether you're stocking a new body of water or replenishing an existing one. Trust us to provide the healthiest and highest quality fish for your aquatic environment.

High Quality Fish

All our fish species are expertly raised at our hatchery in Danbury, Texas.  We have been raising fish successfully at our hatchery since 1969!  It all starts here!

expert process

After our fish are harvested, we hold them for a period of at least 24 hours where they can purge and any sick fish can be culled.  We treat them with special prophylactics that readies them for shipping.

Expert Shipping

Over the course of our 50 years shipping all over Texas, we have developed our fish delivery techniques and processes combined with the best equipment to ensure you receive the highest quality fish possible!

total Care

The most critical part of the delivery process is during the release, and making sure the fish are properly tempered and not stressed.  This maximized health and survivability of your new fish.

what to expect

On the date of delivery, our driver will meet you at the agreed upon place and time. Upon arrival at your lake or pond, the water temperature will be checked and adjusted gradually with a tempering pump if necessary to prevent fish stress. This is an extremely important step. The fish will then be stocked into the lake either by opening the release valve or by hand-carrying them in a tub. This process will continue until all fish have been released in your order.

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Frequently asked questions

Our company policy is to ensure customer satisfaction with their fish purchases. To avoid inaccurate visual observations or estimates, we recommend inspecting the fish on the truck before stocking with the driver’s assistance. Customers should contact management directly with any questions or concerns before signing the invoice and stocking the fish, as disputes cannot be resolved after this point. Our company is committed to resolving any issues to the satisfaction of the customer.

It may surprise you the different methods we have come up with over the years to get close to a pond!  But in the event we cannot get within “piping” distance of the water, we will work with you to determine what is possible.  In certain circumstances, we may need to “tub” the fish in.  This is also the common way to accommodate larger fish that would otherwise be injured by flowing out of the drain hole.